British Columbia
British Columbia FA—AGM's 1904—1933

British Columbia Football Association Annual General Meetings

1904  Dec. 29
1906  May 19
1908  Aug. 24
1909  May 25
1914  Aug. 15
1915  Apr. 10
1917  Nov. 3
1918  May 4
1919  Aug. 9
1920  Aug. 7
1921  May 28
1922  May 27
1923  Aug. 25
1924  July 21
1925  July 25
1926  Aug.16
1927  Aug. 8
1928  June 9
1929  June 8
1930  June 28
1931  Aug. 29
1932  Sept. 10
1933  Nov. 18


Prof. Davidson

B.F. Armstrong
James Adam
Tim Mahoney
A.J. McKinnell

David Leith
David Leith
Arthur Manson
Arthur Manson
R.C. Sampson
W. Burnip
John Russell
Dave Nelson (Adam?)
Fred D. Campbell
A.D. Robertson
Jim Haslett
G. Callin
Dave Nelson
John Muter
Edwin Dickenson
Edwin Dickenson
Charlie Jones
Lloyd Craig
Lloyd Craig
John Munro


R.W. Timms

A.C. Stewart        
J. Sanderson  
E.R. McMillan
T.B. Booth

Bob Cavers
Bob Cavers
Ivan S. Day
Ivan S. Day
John Ovington
G.K. Morton
G.K. Morton
George Morton/Bob Cavers 
Jim L. Armstrong
Jim L. Armstrong
Dave Suttle
Robert Johnson
Tommy Christie
Tommy Christie
Tommy Christie
John Richardson
John Richardson
Bob Forgie
Bob Forgie

B.C. Soccer Commission

On January 12, 1927, the DCFA appointed a "Commission" to run soccer in B.C. as the result of a dispute between the Lower Mainland Football Association and the Pacific Coast Association Football League.  The resulting appointed provincial soccer body was called the British Columbia Football Association Commission. However, this didn't work out, and the British Columbia Football Association regained control until September of 1933, when a second commission was appointed.

1927 Jan. 12  Bob Samson, Bill Ellis, Dave Leith.  Stan Smith (Secretary)Disbanded September 1927     ............................................                                                                                                                                                       1933  Mar. 21  Charlie Jones, Dave Leith, John Russell.  John Richardson (Secretary)

1934  Charlie Jones, John Russell, John Richardson

1935  Charlie Jones, John Russell, Albert Whittaker, John Richardson (Secretary).

 1936  Charlie Jones, John Russell, John Richardson

 1937  Charlie Jones, John Russell, John Richardson

 1938  Charlie Jones, John Russell, John Richardson

The BCFAC continued as an "appointed" association until May 8, 1970, when the provincial association again became an elected body.  On May 17, 1971, the British Columbia Football Association name was changed to the British Columbia Soccer Association under the "Societies Act."