British Tours to Canada
Pilgrims 1905

Pilgrims Tour, 1905

In 1905, a team of English amateur players toured Eastern Canada and the United States. It was the first tour to North America by an English team, and the first of many. A second tour by the Pilgrims took place in 1909, but on that occasion, the Pilgrims played only in the United States.

Pilgrims players who made the tour were:

J.D. Barnesdale (Notts Forest), T. Fletcher (Derby County), F.S. Walmsley (Blackburn Etrurians), J.E. Raine (Sheffield United), C.W. Storey (Leeds City), W.H. Nuttall (Blackburn Etrurians), J. Bryning (Northern Nomads), C. Coopland (Sheffield United), Sir Charles Kirkpatrick (Surrey), E.A. Milton (Sheffield Wycliffe), F.O. Wright (Notts Magdala), F.H. Milnes (Sheffield United).

Sept. 9 Montreal 0: Pilgrims 5 in Montreal, Quebec
Sept. 11 Hamilton 2: Pilgrims 8 in Hamilton, Ontario
Sept. 12 Niagara Falls 0: Pilgrims 5 in Niagara Falls, Ontario
Sept. 13 Berlin Rangers 2: Pilgrims 1 in Berlin, Ontario
Sept. 16 Galt F.C. 3: Pilgrims 3 in Galt, Ontario
Sept. 18 Detroit Peninsulars 2: Pilgrims 10 in Detroit, Michigan
Sept. 23 St. Louis 0: Pilgrims 10 in St. Louis, Missouri
Sept. 24 St. Louis 0: Pilgrims 6 in St. Louis, Missouri
Sept. 30 Chicago 0: Pilgrims 6 in Chicago, Illinois
Oct. 1 Chicago 2: Pilgrims 1 in Chicago, Illinois
Oct. 5 Philadelphia Thistles 0: Pilgrims 5 in Philadelphia, Pa.
Oct. 6 Philadelphia 1: Pilgrims 4 in Germantown, Pa.
Oct. 7 All Philadelphia 0: Pilgrims 5 in Philadelphia, Pa.
Oct. 14 Fall River 3: Pilgrims 4 in Fall River, Massachusetts
Oct. 16 Boston 0: Pilgrims 5 in Boston, Massachusetts
Oct. 21 New York 1: Pilgrims 7 in New York, N.Y.
Oct. 24 University of Pennsylvania 0: Pilgrims 10 in Philadelphia, Pa.

September 9, 1905, at the M.A.A.A. Grounds in Montreal, Quebec
Montreal 0
Pilgrims 5 (Nuttall 2, Raine, Fletcher 2)
HT: 0–4 Att: 2500 Ref: Mr. Radforth
Montreal: J. McIntyre (C.P.R.) – J. McChesney (C.P.R.), John Sutherland (Point St. Charles) – R. Crabbe (Westmount),
Reg Hollis (C.P.R.), J. Ross (Point St. Charles) – R. Wright (Point St. Charles), F. Whiteside (Westmount), Alex Hall (Westmount), Phil Reynolds (C.P.R.), George Ogilvie (Point St. Charles).
Pilgrims: Kirkpatrick – Milnes, Milton – Storey, Barnesdale, Walmsley – Raine, Fletcher, Nuttall, Coopland, J.D. Bryning.

September 11, 1905, in Hamilton, Ontario
Hamilton and Dundas 2 (Thombs, McAuley)
Pilgrims 8 (Raine 4, Woodward 3, Coopland)
HT: 1–5 Att: 700 Ref: J.D. Bryning
Hamilton: Shaw – Swartz, Simpson – Dent, Dowling, Mitchell – Chatland, McAuley, Tiny Thombs, Nelson, Crough.
Pilgrims: Kirkpatrick – Milnes, Walsmsley – Storey, Barnsdale, Nuttall – Raine, Fletcher, Woodward, Coopland, Wright.

September 12, 1905, at the Bridge Street Athletic Grounds in Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls 0
Pilgrims 5 (Raine 2, Woodward 2, Bryning)
HT: 0–3 Att: Ref: W.H. Nuttall
Niagara Falls: Soule – Shaw, Denton – Marshall, Stokes, Stinson – Rutherford, Stocks, Barr, Wallace, Douglass.
Pilgrims: Coopland – Milnes, Milton – Storey, Barnesdale, Walsmsley – Bryning, Raine, Woodward, Kirkpatrick, Wright.

September 13, 1905, in Berlin (Kitchener), Ontario
Berlin Rangers 2 (Dumart, Waterstone)
Pilgrims 1 (Woodward)
HT: 0–1 Att: 3000 Ref: Harry Brown (Berlin)
Berlin: B.W. Brown – A.E. Rudell, Alf Scherer – Harry Sherrifs, Goldie Cochrane, Reid – Ezra Dumart, John Brinkert,
W. Knell, George Wagner, George Waterstone.
Pilgrims: Kirkpatrick – Milnes, Milton – Storey, Barnesdale, Walmsley – Bryning, Raine, Woodward, Nuttall, Wright.

September 16, 1905, in Galt, Ontario
Galt F.C. 3 (Brady, Finlayson, Steep)
Pilgrims 3 (Fletcher, Woodward 2)
HT: 2–2 Att: 5000 Ref: James Bennett (Galt)
Galt: Ernest linton – George Ducker, John Gourlay – C. James, Albert Johnston, Otto Christman – James Brady,
John Brady, Fred Steep, Gordon McDonald, W. Finlayson.
Pilgrims: Milton – Milnes, Walmsley – Storey, Barnesdale, Nuttall – Raine, Fletcher, Woodward, Coopland, Bryning.

After playing five games in Canada, the Pilgrims crossed into the United States, where they played in Detroit, St. Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Fall River, Boston and New York.