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Soccer: Canada's National Sport by Les Jones

"Les Jones has taken my original research to a newer and much higher level. This is a major contribution to the library of Canadian sports books, a must for all libraries, media outlets, soccer associations, administrators, Boards of Education, players and fans. Coast to coast, soccer has played a major role in Canadian life for well over a hundred years and this book brings many of the stories to life. Learn about the history of the game that goes back 140 years in this country, its great teams, players and unusual stories." Colin Jose – Canada’s soccer historian

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An entertaining over-sized publication covering 150 years of soccer in Canada: The Memorable, Unexpected and Controversial. Not to forget the Dramatic and Humorous. Short, punchy articles. Storytelling rather than a list of facts. Very readable & well designed.

It's 256 colourful pages cover the very first games in Toronto in the 1860s, our first international in 1924, the 1986 World Cup, the 2012 Olympics and EVERYTHING in between. All the top players are highlighted, Dwayne de Rosario, Jason de Vos, Kara Lang and Christine Sinclair etc. There are features on referees, controversial goals, famous teams, match-fixing, indoor & beach soccer and every aspect of the game. PLUS great action photos.

It’s so full of information and so easy to read, it should be a requirement for all soccer people to own one. Georges Schwartz – Quebec author and soccer administrator

A great piece of research and a labour of love. The finished product is really impressive. - Paul Beirne, Toronto FC

He has given former players a place to feel proud and honoured - CARRIE SERWETNYK – former international

Great stories which together form this masterpiece and accurately document the beautiful game in this beautiful country. John DeBenedictis – Author & coach

There's far more to Canada's soccer history than most people realize. I'm delighted that this book opens our eyes to our achievements and in such an entertaining manner. - Tony Waiters – former international and national team coach

An insightful and vibrant rendering of soccer’s place in our world of sport……..a well-written and witty account of how the round ball has conquered a huge country - Georges Schwartz – Quebec author and soccer administrator.

An important and remarkable work. A look at soccer’s place here.. that vividly illuminates the complex ebbs and flows of Canadian history.”

John Doyle, the Globe and Mail, author of the bestseller The World is a Ball: The Joy, Madness & Meaning of Soccer

Everyone can now realize the richness of the game in our country - Héctor O. Vergara, Ex-FIFA Assistant Referee / FIFA Referee Committee Member / MSA Executive Director

So few are aware of the incredible accomplishments of Canadian soccer. This book celebrates the truth: that the beautiful game has been an essential cornerstone of Canadian sports - Peter Mallett, Globe & Mail

A must-buy for Christmas for all soccer fans.- Dick Howard Popular TV commentator and Former International